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User stories suck

Convener: Brian Holt
Participants: some folks
Discussion: user stories are way better than requirements docs, but they still suck and people still anchor to 'I want'. We should focus more on the problem we're solving and what makes it done. Conclusion, we don't like user stories, there needs to be something better, but we're now to sure what yet. We need to have teams focus on the problem statement.

Impediments for Fun and Profit

Convener: Tom Perry

1) Use a “Reward Board”
- Associates money and impediments
- Massage
- Day off
-Team Event preferred (keep the focus on team level activity)
- Not necessarily monetary reward
2) Post it on the bosses door!
3) Gamify it
- Badges
- Stickers/Kill List
- Issue a challenge
- Program or SoS
- Redeemable “impediment points”
4) “Most wanted” board
- Prioritized
- Update once a week
- Business champion
5) Acknowledgement
- Executive Visit
- Quarterly Meeting
- Ice cream Social
- take Team out
- Coffee time
6) Play the “Fearless Journey” game

Tom Perry
Author of The Little Book of Impediments
twitter: @tlperry