Agile Portfolio Management Dashboard

How can the health of the scrum teams be rolled up to a PPMO dashboard?

Convener: Hans Janggen

Participants: Andrew Kallman and 6 others


  • The Porfolio Owners (Senior Management level) value point, authorize and stop work on epic stories
  • The Scrum delivers value on the tactical level
  • The Portfolio Owners need to have sufficient information so that they can assess the health of the team and stop the project (epic)


  • Useful to have a standardized tool set used across all teams (i.e. Excel, Jira, Greenhopper, Seenowdo etc)
  • Use the burnup and team release plan (the non-gant gant chart) for PPMO dashboard reporting
  • Use burndowns charts and kanban boards on the tactical team level See also below the pictures of outcomes

1. Overview/Orientation

2. Details

3. Sources

Hans Janggen Scrum Master, Dragon SAP Project M: 508 446 5365







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