How to help disorganized people self organize

Convener: Bill Ambrosini
Participants: There were 6, didn’t write down their names ???
Discussion: & reccomendations:
  • Architect level person starting on taks not in the sprint or related to any committed stories

Strategies to help
  • Micro manage the person when they are off track
  • If it’s outside of the sprint the team member has to ask permission
  • Make it a topic in the retro
  • Post it’s for personal tasks
  • Keeping email box clean, what’s in there requires action
  • Ask them if they might want to try personal kan ban, look up link to this
  • During sprint planning stress taking on only one thing at a time
  • Make sure the sprint backlog is prioritized so they can follow what they should be doing next

Management asks developer to help with something else. He doesn’t communicate this.

  • Tell the dev that they must let the team know
  • Lack of respect for the rest of the team can be a cause
  • May need to talk to his manager so he can motivate him to do this scrum thing
  • Lack of training of team members can lead to this the symptom of looking disorganized

The dev that is a people pleaser and helps the rest of the team

  • Set up a time where the dev’s can exchange ideas 
  • Mid sprint check point
  • Daily scrum will show the symptoms 
  • Look at the burn down every day and be honest about if we are tracking, if not be honest on why
  • Does the team understand why getting to a done and successful iteration is important?

Link to notes: Evernote Link

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