How to scrum outside IT

How to Scrum outside IT?

1. How to scrum in a process-driven environment where the goal is not a release?
■ What is the deliverable? 
still delivering something
■ Use completion of team goal as “deliverable”
■ Define something incremental or iterable– call that the solution or product
■ Consider that scrum is not the answer – try Kanban, Scrumban
■ Latest ScrumGuide is no longer software-specific
■ If lots of changes and interrups with changing requirements might consider Kanban



2. How to plan when research is involved?
■ Spike story –no deliverable at end – can have acceptance criteria defined –  Non-pointed user-story
■ Time box story for research
■ Operational task on a non-operational story
■ End of story may require another story for next sprint



3. Kanban vs scrum in non-IT
■ Kanban  good if you have high degree of change or can’t plan ahead



4. How do you handle planning activities that require long lead times? (like supplies/delivery in construction)?
■ Can you have parts/suppliers in inventory?
■ Can delivery time be shortened? 
■ Find supplier who can deliver more quickly
■ Groom backlog to bring long-lead time (high risk) stories up to top
■ Change procurement model to be more modular


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