Impediments for Fun and Profit

Convener: Tom Perry

1) Use a “Reward Board”
- Associates money and impediments
- Massage
- Day off
-Team Event preferred (keep the focus on team level activity)
- Not necessarily monetary reward
2) Post it on the bosses door!
3) Gamify it
- Badges
- Stickers/Kill List
- Issue a challenge
- Program or SoS
- Redeemable “impediment points”
4) “Most wanted” board
- Prioritized
- Update once a week
- Business champion
5) Acknowledgement
- Executive Visit
- Quarterly Meeting
- Ice cream Social
- take Team out
- Coffee time
6) Play the “Fearless Journey” game

Tom Perry
Author of The Little Book of Impediments
twitter: @tlperry

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