UX & Agile

Problems faced:

-          UX designers tend to well polish.

-          “When we ship MVP it’s not usable.”

-          Big up front design vs. agile approach.

-          Difficult to describe UX with stories. (maybe Acceptance criteria, BDD definitions?)

-          Changes in UI requested during sprint.


Possible acting points:

-          Developers involved in early UX work. To verify implementation possibility.

-          Challenge UX specialists to accept changes during project.

-          User testing sessions during development.

-          Explain possibilities of changes during development: When an usability problem is found, you’re able to change it during development.


Hypothetical team setup:

Multiple teams with 1 usability specialist  “UX-Champion” each. He has the main focus to support team to define and implement user interface during sprint.

1 UX team with usability specialists focused on usability of product, definition of a style guide, user tests and so on. Per development team there is 1 “UX-Partner” defined to act as communication partner between development teams and usability team.


Hypothetical process (thanks to Mikkel Hansen):




Mikkel Hansen; Edvard Garcia; Magnus Dahlgren; Silvana Wasitova …



Marco Ravicini

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