Making Scrum Stick

  1. Convener: Sabine Canditt
  2. List of participants:
Mirna Milic (
Iris Weverling (
Carlos Fonseca (
Stefania Marinelli (
and others
  1. Discussion and recommendations
A Scrum team stops doing retrospectives – this is one of the symptoms that might indicate that Scrum, although “properly” introduced with training, coaching and everything, does not stick. In this section, we started by collecting symptoms of degrading Scrum. Then we picked the most common symptom and did an analysis of possible underlying reasons. While discovering more reasons, we also derived new ideas of how the problems could be avoided from the start.
This summary gives you some ideas related to a specific symptom, but also shows how going into an analysis can provide additional solutions that might be more suitable for the specific context.
Common symptoms of degrading Scrum (numbers indicate how many participants know this symptom):
  • Team does not “do Scrum” without the ScrumMaster – 10
  • Actions are not taken after retrospectives – 9
  • Split responisbilities within Scrum teams (developers – testers) – 6
  • “team members” that actually don’t work for the team don’t contribute to Daily Scrum – 5
  • Scrum gets boring – 5
  • Frustration in the team – 2
  • No more retrospectives – 2
  • Lack of upper management commitment – 2
Here are the possible reasons for the symptom “Team does not “do Scrum” without the ScrumMaster:
  • No one else takes the initiative
  • Daily is seen as reporting to ScrumMaster
  • Team members don’t like to communicate and don’t like meetings
  • Team members see the Daily as a waste of their time
  • Use a physical board
  • Change facilitator every Sprint?
  • Choose a good time, watch the duration
  • Combine with existing breaks (coffee…)
  • PO attends Daily Scrum
  • Provide interesting information from outside the team
  • Give the participants the freedom to “opt out” (see Open Space keynote)
  • Make it a topic for the next retro
  • Collaboration games
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