How to get a team from well-performing to high-performing

Convener: Irmgard Sabet-Wasinger

Discussion & Ideas:
  • The book about the 5 dysfunctions of a team was recommended
  • The book DRIVE by Dan Pink was recommended
  • Challenge the team as PO
  • As a last resort, maybe change the team’s composition
  • Get a coach
  • Ask the team “what does it take to be awesome” in the retrospective
  • Let the team figure out what “high performing” means for them and then see where they currently are
  • Keep an improvement backlog in the team room
  • Find out about motivation - does the team know the purpose? does it know what the users do with “their” software? What would they get out of it if their performance improved?
  • Celebrate important milestones! Remind the team of all the great things they achieved in the last 6 months.
  • Use figures like the “happiness index” (or others where we did not go into more details…)
And don’t use the word “performance” when discussing this with the teams… ;-)


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