Fwd: Scrum into ISO for “Software that pleasantly surprises”

Scrum into ISO 9001 for “Software that pleasantly surprises”

Hans Verrijcken (Coteng NV)

Thanks to
Everyone participating

As a software company we are ISO 9001:2008 certified for
“Software that pleasantly surprises”
The Challenges we face(d) :
- ISO is not really tailored to software certification
- The focus for Scrum and ISO is seriously different
What we did to satisfy the “proof of evidence” requirements” : Next to all current standard development techniques (including of course Subversioning, Continuous Integration with monitoring of code-metrics, build-history etc. etc), we are mapping the scrum values, logic and guidelines into the ISO 9001 requirements.

Not really “going by the book”…
but integrating both worlds…
sometimes you just need to look at the world from a different perspective…
- Instead of the traditionally hierarchical, ISO required, organisation chart, we put the customer in a central place in our organisational chart.
- we radically changed many of the classical roles to become SCRUM roles
- Used the Scrum values into our resulting Value Chain and job descriptions
- focus on customer satisfaction and getting above the conformity level (the exiting, surprise, wow-area)asset.JPG

Additional ideas that were brought in during the Open Space

- Observations (complaints / non-conformities) logged and reported as a partial alternative for “bugging” the customer too often with surveys
- reporting of number of issues that enter in the backlog
- For every release, add at least 1 element of happy surprised for the customer (annotate in the backlog)
- Check alternative and/or competitive software for new ideas
- The nature of and the internal testing during the sprints is guaranteeing the 45% conformity.
- If you need to have logged bugs to show you handled them (adaptive and corrective measures)


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