Stories on prejudice about agile

Convener: Björn Radon
List of participants:
Olivier Azeau
Leonoor Koomen
Stefanie Lang
Radu Secosan
Michael Downing
Cristian Cimpineanu

Ioan Armenean
Discussion and Recommendations:
Björn motivated the session: the more failed agile adoptions, the more people with prejudice about Agile and Scrum because of that.

The discussion was spreading to a more general "do your work as good as possible" type.
One participant meant that you should not brand it agile, but live and work according to the core values and do your best. In that way you can influence the team and company in that way without the prejudice getting in the way.

One participant advised to facilitate off site events over a couple of days and go through the core principles and to get some team building going. Also you can process experiences of previous failed efforts at such gatherings.

One participant told a story about a scrum master going into an organization for an agile transition, but he was only on site once a week. 
One participant meant that you should mirror to the people who are very disconnected that they appear so and give them the opt-out alternative. A few very negative people can be devastating to a company, and there are very low chances of them changing, so it is a waste of energy to keep trying to get them on board over weeks and months.

I think that wraps it up.

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