Coaches and Trainers are loners – discuss.

Paul Niehaus
Bjorn Radon
Nicolas Delahaye
Mr X
It was interesting that all discussions were one on one…sort of proves the point doesn’t it?
All attendees and non attendees agreed :-)
Impediments are not being able to network easily. Techniques and gatherings are used as vehicles in this respect.
Advantages are that that objectivity can more easily be maintained.  There is no need for alliances,  and hidden agendas do not need to be pursued. Saying like it is, is easier.
A social conscience is however needed because to motivation must be to make it better for everyone and not just one interest group.
Creating mechanisms for peer feedback is also important.  Co-coaching and co-training are also good mechanisms.
An observation is that a loner is not same as being lonely. 
Also the position can make one a loner.
QED :-)
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