Open Space Break out #11 Scrum Coaching Retreat London

Timescales: London in  w/c  9th June 2014 - overall 4 events in 2014 – Europe, India, china , USA
Centrally coordinated by CSCs, however open to everyone.
70-80 people limited 
Sessions focused on coaching where topics are suggested and the groups use scrum to take a deeper dive into them.  This is a deeper look than usual conferences.
Potential topics: New games, could be on retrospectives.  Forming new patterns to deal with issues. Coach the coach. Train the trainer. Growing coaches. Growing user group communities. 
Theme forming: strengthening the community at large or strengthening the coaching community.
Pricing : £350-£400 – possible sponsorship, but not some big branding event. 
Venue suggestions: colleges and universities.  Google camps. Warwick. Oxford, Cambridge 
Near fresh air
Steve Mc Fayden
Steve clymer ( offer of help-
David grant(offer of help –
Bjorne Jensen (attended an earlier retreat) interested in running 2015 session. 
Helen meek 
Mark summers (open space suggestor)
Christopher Mathis
Paul niehaus (offer of help) 
Zia mallik
Nigel baker 
Kenneth dunith
Julian daddy (interested in attending -
Michael downing 
Glenn smith. 

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