Session on Large Number of Teams and Complex Software

Convener: Scott Duncan
Participants: (probably had twice as many people attending but the
following are the only ones who identified themselves through signup sheet
or business cards): Scott Cothrell, John Gouveia, Ari Brown, Cliff Oliveira, Marc Story, Rahil Patel, Ryan Garcia, Jerry Lathem, Eric Yang


Focused mainly on scaling and team distribution and little on the complexity of the software.
With a large number of teams, where do all the Scrum Masters come from if they are to be ”just” Scrum Masters.
Agile can make distributed teams harder due to the assumption regarding direct contact between people. On the other hand, the emphasis on communication encourages not falling back on “document passing” as the default (and only) assumption for contact.
A key outcome was to collect contact information from people who wanted to continue discussion on this topic after the Gathering. Anyone else interested in such a “community” can contact me at

Also collected the following “data” from some attendees:

#Teams Company Domain

160 Intergraph “CAD”

50-65 DoD/VA iEHR

~20 Jack Henry financial

12 network platform

500? Adobe design, docs, analytics

2 NASA simulation

10 AMDOCS carrier billing

220 Splubk big data/OI

12 Cisco security

300 Vanguard financial services

One thought on “Session on Large Number of Teams and Complex Software

  1. Scott Duncan

    We also had quite a bit of discussion regarding physical team environments, e.g., fully open plans, team “rooms,” forms of cubicle structures, noise suppression.


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