Women in Scrum Open Space

The following is a list of topics discussed:

  • We introduced ourselves
  • We created a list of important topics (via brainstorming)
  • We prioritized the topics (in the interest of time I grouped them later and they could be rearranged as the group sees fit)

15- create a community outside of the conference

2- have some conversations/ connections

10- learning, supporting, mentioning

2- young women have it harder

5- how do we attract more women to scrum

20- encourage women to come forward and be visible

3- women on the board

3- no women keynote

4- blog more

0- get voices heard

#?- help people stay engaged when life happens

1- how do we observe scrum as women

Ideas for potential ways to stay connected (This will be organized by Leslie going forward with help from others)

  1. LinkedIn (SA already has some groups and could add ours)
  2. Meet Up
  3. Facebook
  4. Google Group


  1. Carol offered up the “go to meeting” acct for SA that we can use
  2. Distribution list agree a date tool
  3. Lean In book recommended

Thoughts – we for sure want to be inclusive and grow but we wanted to keep it small until we get our feet under ourselves (1 month?) and then expand it. The idea is to grow but we don’t know what we are yet…

doc iconScrum Gathering Women in Scrum notes.docx

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