Lean Startup Combined with Scrum

Group Learnings:

(In the Group’s words) Get the book!

Tool for Product Owner Lean Canvas [Tool to represent the business model and experiments]. Find quickest way to test assumptions.

Lean is geared towards product analysis.

Lean vs Scrum

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Impact analysis

Lean Startup concepts help a Product Owner be a better Product Owner

Lean Start is for Product Owner

Convener: M. Kelley Harris

List of Participants: Andrew Kallman, Kevin Graves, Moonie Lantion, Robert Morris, Lynn Winterboer, Vivtek Malhotra, Bernd Klupp, Sateesh Nagilla, Vinay Nagarnj, Harry Nieboer, Ran Nyman, Pavel Dabrytski, Janet Figueroa, Rob Spieldenner

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