Collaborative Continuous Learning

Convener: Woody Zuill

Participants: Approx 10 people

Discussion:   We shared ideas about how we’ve been finding ways to encourage learning collaboratively on our teams.   The basic idea: Learning together as a team can be a way to identify the things we need to learn, and at the same time accelerate our learning.   I shared a few ideas that I have seen (such as Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen’s work on accelerated group learning for language fluency), coding dojos, and other shared learning experiences.   As the group discussed various experiences they have had, we captured this list and discussed each one to get the basic ideas:

- Pair programming

- Code dojos

- Actually do stuff together

- Guilds (across team sharing at “role” level)

- ”Pair” coaching

- Coaching Circle

- Coaching dojo

- Observer, both as Learning and as Master

- Expose ideas using “What I did in a similar situation” wording

- Have a “Daily Focus” each day

- like continuous integrations, TDD, etc.

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