Growing Leaders – LEANing Academy

Convenor: Peter Hundermark

Participants: Not recorded (did include Tommi Johnstone, Rafael Sabbagh, Mark Summers)

The problem statement:

Newly minted Scrum Masters returning from a 2-day CSM class have a 1% probability of transforming their organization to Agile. We know organizations that get (good) coaching have a high probability of succeeding with their transformation. We wanted to discuss ideas for bridging the gap between these two extremes.


I gave a brief presentation to the class of my idea and the MVP I plan to execute with a group of fellow coaches and mentors in South Africa.

The basic idea for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the market is:
- A class of ~16 Apprentice leaders sign up for a semester programme.
- A group of at least 4 Mentors (facilitators, we have 6 in our case) formulate the programme and a potential core curriculum.
- The whole class meets face-to-face with the mentors on a monthly cadence.
- The initial meeting is 2 days to do group chartering and to co-create the learning objectives and course curriculum, using what the mentors provide as input.
- The final meeting is two days including assessments for each apprentice and a celebration. All mentors attend the initial and final meetings.
- The interim meetings are 1 day each. Two mentors facilitate on a rotational basis to provide continuity.
- The total class face time is 8 days over 20 weeks.
- In parallel with this programme each apprentice is assigned a personal mentor. Mentors have up to 4 apprentices. Apprentices get 1-2 hours/week of personal mentoring. Mentors also meet for supervision.
- Apprentices, their Sponsors and Mentors form a three-way contracting relationship to assure that value is provided and obtained. Sponsors are most likely to be the line managers of the Apprentices.

The flip charts tell more of the story.

















I’ve also included my presentation slides from an Ignite talk I gave at KLNA13 in Chicago a week ago.

pdf iconLeaning Academy Ignite.pdf


Some attendees shared their own experiences — see the flip charts.

There was a discussion around the challenge of valuing and selling this programme: Notionally we agreed that a CSM class will cost ~$1000 and coaching could cost $10000 to $100000+. Calculations for our MVP suggest a cost of $8000 for the programme.

















The participants showed interest in the concept. Some who shared their opinions thought $8000 to be ‘cheap’. I will try to find a way to report back to the community the outcome of our MVP, which is planned to run from July to November 2013.

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