Agile UX: How? Where? When?

Convener: Luke Walter, CSP

Participants: Kevin Graves, Vivek Malhorta, Carlos Morales, Margann Snider, Charlene Cuenca, Voltaire Guiyab, Jeff Meyer, Lasse Koskela, Kelley Harris, Jeremy Perdue, Matt Sharpe, Kristen Stephens, Bernie Maloney, Rob Nickolaus, Scott Duncan

Discussion and Recommendations: Attached as photos of flipchart pages generated

ux3 ux5 ux4 ux2 

One thought on “Agile UX: How? Where? When?

  1. Rob Nickolaus

    Tools mentioned:
    – SUS (usability score)
    – Axure RP ( – $289/$589 – Wireframing tool
    – Basalmic Workflow (sketch flow tool)
    – iRise (Prototype tool)

    – Consider using design spikes to handle architecture-wide UX decisions
    – Use a BA instead of a developer with a tool like Axure to produce walk-throughs and low-fidelity concepts
    – Include workflows and mockups as acceptance criteria to a user story (allows up-front work outside of a sprint if that is what you desire)
    – One cross-team design/architecture standards technique discussed was to appoint a design “guardian” who can coordinate across multiple teams. Another technique is a “community of excellence” which created de facto guidelines. Lastly, formal design standards/guidelines can also be incorporated.
    – Give UX designers intermediate dates within a release for prototype/design deliverables to help them meet other’s expectations.


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